Why US?

Our Proven 8 Steps to Success Service Quality Program

1. We always chalk lines to ensure shingles are straight and uniform.


2. We use ice and weather guard for valleys and around chimneys or Metal flashing, which ever you prefer.


3. We will put one of our team members at the bottom of the house by the gutters  and then our Roof Team member will throw the shingles off the roof rather then just shoving them off  (to avoid and prevent the shingles from marring , scratching , or making any marks on the side of the house)


4. We will chaulk around all roofing boots ,chimneys.


5. We will paint roof boots and heater stacks.


6. We cover all landscaping and hardscaping to prevent any damage.


7. We cover air conditioners to prevent damage and keep pieces of shingles and paper from getting in the unit.


8. We will Remove all roofing material from yard and roll yard and driveway with magnets to remove all nails and Leave Your Property Spotless!


Your Complete Satisfaction is GUARANTEED! 









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